Amazing New Pen Draws 3D Images Right Before Your Eyes

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The London-based company LIX has created an incredible new 3D pen.


While it’s not the first 3D pen, it is the first to look just like an ordinary pen in size and shape, giving it increased workability. At just 6.45 inches in length and 0.55 inches in diameter, it weighs in at 34.9 grams.

It is made of aluminium and comes in black or grey.

You can also plug it right into the USB port on your laptop. It doesn’t get anymore convenient than that!

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The ‘ink’ is melted plastic, with which you can create any number of 3D images without the use of any paper at all.

The plastic is fed into the pen through a thin tube, then heated and comes out the tip of the pen to create any shape you desire. Your drawings can even be combined together to form larger shapes, as seen in the live demonstration in the video.

The plastic tube is four inches in length and will last for a couple minutes of actual drawing time, at which point it will need to be refilled. This sounds like it could become fairly costly, but it’s super cool nonetheless.

The plastic is made from a plant-based filament. After being plugged in, it gets heated to 150°C (300°F) and then cools upon coming into contact with the air.


The device will go on sale this September, just in time for Christmas! It will cost $139.95. Not cheap, but it’s definitely cool enough to garner that amount from interested buyers.

This is pretty awesome! What will they come up with next? Let us know what you think of this latest innovation in the comments section!

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