Obama Covertly Supplying Al Qaeda With Weapons

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Obama has been a long term supporter of Muslims, and when it came to his Muslim Brotherhood, he was bound and determined from the start to make sure they weren’t left defenseless. As recent testimonies reveal, Obama has been involved in a series of complicit situations where American weapons made their way into terrorist’s hands.

It should be said here that those weapons weren’t necessarily directed there by Obama, but the way in which he did it, knowing full well that they could end up there, was done in such a way as to give him, “plausible deniability.”

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The concerns were most recently addressed by a source, who only spoke with The Blaze under the comforts of anonymity, who claims to be an arms dealer. Sharing perhaps the most concrete evidence he had on the situation, she mentioned a flight out of Albania that landed in Benghazi, Libya on Sept. 11, 2011.

The plane was reportedly carrying some 800,000 rounds of ammunition that came directly from Albanian military surplus stocks. Planes similar to this were constantly making their way into Libya, whom we know to have been at the time to be crisis stricken, paralyzed by a civil war.

Perhaps the worst part in all this, is that despite the planes making it through with the arms embargo, Obama knew all of this was happening yet chose not to do anything about it – probably because the weapons were going to his pals in the Muslim Brotherhood.

Explaining just how this is possible, the source went into a lengthy description on how exactly arms trades are made throughout the world, and although they’re strict, they are avoidable, given you’re willing to take the risk. Of course, American’s currently hold the largest population of arms transfers, and the source being extremely involved in that the dealings, and holding all legal licenses required by the government, was rather enlightening.


In order for weapons to go anywhere, dealers must first ask, “the State Department under your license for a prior approval or request.” If approved, the dealer is then supplied with the necessity for sale known as the, “end-user certificate.”

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According to The Blaze, the certificate, “comes from the country where the weapons are being shipped to and is used in international transfers and sales to certify that the buyer is the final recipient of the materials.” The source further notes, “They (potential buyers) would not even talk with you unless you had that end-user certificate.”

Then it’s time for the dealers to do their job – bringing in several buyers to haggle for the lot of weapons, the highest bidder undoubtedly walks away with the prize. The buyer then reportedly signs the end-user certificate where it is forwarded back to a designated U.S. agency and the funds are transferred to the dealers account.

A series of other steps are taken before export is approved where the source describes that the series of checks and balances set forth, would make it, “virtually impossible,” for the U.S. not to know where weapons were being delivered.


That being said however, the source also notes if arms dealers are willing to take the risk, there is a way to sell weapons with a “zero footprint.” In fact, he shares that the government, under order of Obama has done this on several occasions.

In this particular instance, the source shares that if the U.S. wanted to do away with weapons off the books, they would simply need to hire, “to a foreign ally to handle three components: procurement, transportation and logistics.”

However, he notes that, “even that part is not 100 percent untraceable, but it’s a good step if you want to eliminate all U.S. involvement,” and that Obama’s administration, “had to have been aware,” that American weapons were making its way into Libya.

“The consequences are that you lose immediate control over the end-user, and you allow them to handle your logistics and transportation so that it prevents you from identifying who this equipment is going to fall into,” he explained. “So if you don’t put your protocols in place and you don’t deliver it to vetted sources that equipment could end up anywhere, and it’s your name on it, it’s gonna be on the end-user statement if it gets re-transferred to the wrong personnel.”


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So why would Obama go through all this trouble when accountability for arms is so strict and knowing full well that weapons could fall into the hands of our enemies? The arms dealer insisted that it was for one reason only – “plausible deniability.”

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