Medical Student Auctioning Off Her Virginity, And The Bids Are Outrageous

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A 28-year-old medical student is offering her virginity to the highest bidder via an online auction and so far the bids are outrageous.

She’s using the alias of “Elizabeth Raine” and just recently decided to reveal her face to let her bidders know she was serious as well as get the bids higher, according to reports.

After a year’s worth of planning, she launched the auction on March 31 and it ends on May 7, and currently the highest bid is at $550,000. In addition to admittedly doing it for the money, Raine says that she likes the adventure, scandal, eroticism, and the chance to challenge the societal norms surrounding virginity. She also said that her abhorrent idea has educated her about virginity, prostitution and “slut-shaming.”

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Raine spent most of her childhood in Saudi Arabia with her father because he was in the oil industry, however she was born in the Southwest United States. Her mother died when she was just 10 years old, but she says that while it was traumatic it’s not the reason she’s selling herself.

“I am not emotionally damaged, broken or shut off as a result of it,” Raine said. “To the contrary, while it was truly devastating and the only difficult experience I have ever been through, my character and outlook on life are much better for it. I have become more compassionate, strong, motivated, and free in spirit. I have learned not to take life too seriously, but also not to take it for granted.”


She said that she’s still a virgin because she was always more involved with school and other life commitments so sex and being in a relationship came second to those things.

Raine said that she has a bachelor’s in biology and engineering and is working on her doctorate, however she fears that her idea may get her thrown out of school once administrators discover that she’s the “Med School Virgin.”

She said that different lawyers have told her different things, however one of whom she trusts doesn’t seem to think it will happen.


The actual taking of her virginity will happen in Australia since prostitution is illegal in America. She’s confident that she’s thought of every detail and has enough control over the situation to “execute” the “transaction” without incident.

In addition to wearing a condom, the winning bidder must be able to prove they don’t have any STIs, can’t be drinking or on drugs, and cannot attempt anal sex or be violent.

The winner also can’t be a woman because that would be too far out of her “comfort zone,” although I’m not sure how that could be possible at this point.

Raine said she prefers tall older men but also realizes she can’t control the outcome of the auction so she’s prepared for whomever, but she is willing to kiss them and won’t completely rule out falling in love with the “lucky” winner.


“I wouldn’t rule out love, but it’s very unlikely,” she said.

Oh yeah, she also won’t guarantee that she’s any good in bed either.

“There will be a legal contract between us,” she said. “[The winner] may not be happy [with the sex], but he knows what he’s paying for.”

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