Democrat Mayoral Candidate Doesn’t Want A ‘N***er Town!’

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A Democrat mayoral candidate in a small town in New Jersey was caught on tape in a racially charged tirade saying she didn’t want their town to become a “f**kin n*gg*r town.”

Marie Strumolo Burke is running for mayor in the town of Belleville, NJ as a Democrat and her comments were recorded in a voicemail left by the former chairman of Bellville’s planning board in 2013.

Sam Papa had called Councilman Kevin Kennedy to discuss changes in taxes and Burke can be heard in the background shouting the vitriolic language.

(Democratic Donor Exposed As Racist Bigot)

“This is terrible. This is terrible. This is gonna be a f**kin n*gg*r towntown,” Burke yelled.

Burke is currently on the city council for the small town of around 36,000 people and didn’t return requests for comment.

Incumbent Mayor Raymond Kimble, who Burke is running against in the June Election, said that he’s “disturbed” by her comments.

Burke has reportedly denied that it was her on the tape, however an independent forensics lab from Michigan was able to use voice recognition and confirm that it was indeed her voice in the audio clip, causing the Belleville council members to vote to request a censure from the Democratic National Committee of Burke.

Whoops. After all the attention being brought to others racist remarks, one has to wonder if she’ll be held to the same standard as conservatives would be if they found themselves in this situation. It’s doubtful at best.

These Democrats sure do say the darndest things, don’t they?

Do you think she should own up to it and withdraw from the race?

(Hypocritical Democrats Just As Racist As Bundy)

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