WHAT?!? “No Guns” Sign Didn’t Stop FedEx Shooter

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Yesterday we reported on an incident down in Georgia where an employee of a local FedEx warehouse entered the facility and began firing. Leaving six people injured, the incident proved to be yet another reason that gun control does not work.

As the majority of news was trying to determine who the killer was, why he acted in such a way and what guns he was using, one small detail went unnoticed. Hanging at the entrance, was actually a “no guns” sign proving that legalities aren’t going to stop criminals.

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Now it should be noted here that the gunman was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound lying beside his shotgun. The man had used only the shotgun during the attacks proving just a bit more that gun control is useless.


See, Liberals like to pretend that putting stricter stipulations on hand guns does the country some good, but when it comes down to it, if someone is intent on this type of behavior, they will find a way. Also worth noting that guns are pretty much allowed everywhere in Georgia as of right now, so the “no guns” sign didn’t actually hold any legal precedent, but that isn’t the point.

Seeing how employees would most likely be immediately terminated if they carried a gun in the workplace, this effectively makes targets in the building easy targets – the sign was actually counterproductive and potentially cost more lives.

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Now, because it was a shotgun this story doesn’t necessarily fit gun grabbing agenda, so the mainstream media is actually giving it little air time – but does the politics on the matter make the incident any less tragic? Apparently hypocrisy defines a strict set of guidelines, and this one just didn’t fit.

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