John Stewart On The NRA: “Lock and Load, Motherf*cker!”

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Just last weekend the NRA held a convention in Indianapolis where some of the world’s leading politicians came forward to speak on gun rights. After all was said and done however, John Stewart had his crack at what they had to say suggesting that perhaps the Right should shift from its, “lock and load, motherfucker!” mentality to that of obtaining more electable candidates.

Stewart started out by ripping into Sarah Palin where she likened water boarding to that of baptizing terrorists. Calling her speech a “huh?” performance, he explained his bewilderment that Palin would compare, “a Christian sacrament like baptism to something like torture.”

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Palin wasn’t the only one on Stewart’s docket however as he next sited in on the, “in-no-way undermedicated” Wayne LaPierre. Sharing that although LaPierre would have citizens believe that danger is lurking around every corner, he expressed the ludicrous stretch the NRA head was using to come up with, and include, “haters.”

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Other politicians such as Rick Santorum and Mark Rubio were also amongst the slew of moving targets set before Stewart. The comedic host questioned why cultural issues (i.e. marriage) seemed to find their way into a convention whose main priority is that of gun rights.

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Wrapping up his act, Stewart’s unrelenting rant then turned to the recent gun legislation passed in Georgia that Liberals have since dubbed the “guns everywhere,” law. Sharing that guns are now allowed in churches, schools and airports, he points out the irony that they are still banned from the Georgia capitol building – where those legislators work.

So what do you think – did Stewart bring up some good points or is this just the same old Liberal nonsense that he usually spews? Feel free to rebut some of Stewart’s claims in the comments below.

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