Explosive New Evidence WH Lied About Benghazi

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The Obama Administration has been the catalyst for an unprecedented amount of scandals. Not the sort of scandals which have befallen other Presidents, like when Bill Clinton got caught with his pants down (pun intended), or Nixon’s Watergate debacle. Obama probably laughs at those as he marvels at the atrocities only he could get away with.

Not only are the Obama Administration’s scandals so rampant that they are hard to name in a single breath, they are so grave that it’s difficult to pinpoint which of all is worst. That having been said, the Banghazi attack and subsequent cover-up by the White House is a strong contender for Obama’s most treasonous move as Commander In Chief. It’s a sad day in American history when the President has made so many moves to sabotage the American people that his treason can be ranked in a list from most horrific to not quite as horrific.

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A new report has just been released which confirms that the White House explicitly told former UN ambassador Susan Rice to lie about the circumstances surrounding Benghazi.

The left crossed their collective fingers and hoped we would forget about the American lives lost in Benghazi, but infuriated conservative citizens were not willing to let it go. Now, the efforts of those patriots have paid off.

As part of a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, more than 100 pages of documentation have been released to the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch. One such piece of documentation is an email which was written by Ben Rhodes, an assistant to the President and deputy national security advisor for strategic communications. The email contains unquestionably damning evidence.

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It was sent just before Susan Rice appeared on national television and told the world that the Benghazi attacks were spurred by a politically incorrect YouTube video. The email explicitly instructs Rice to make it clear that the attacks were, “rooted in an Internet video, and not a broader failure of policy.” At this point, Obama’s entire presidency can be filed under “Failure of Policy”.


Coincidentally, this same Ben Rhodes character who issued the email happens to be the brother of the CBS exec who tried valiantly to silence journalist Sharyl Attkisson’s reporting on the Benghazi cover-up. If you’re one of the libtards who still thinks that all of this is just a bunch of conservatives digging up bones, you need to have your head examined. It all adds up to another gigantic Obama failure and the evidence continues to pour in.

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Sadly, even with this new proof of the White House’s grand cover-up, nothing is being done to hold Obama, Hillary, and the rest of their despicable gang accountable. It’s as if Obama and his cronies are the mafia.

How does this new information strike you? Let us know how you feel in the comments section.

H/T: Daily Caller

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