Black Woman’s Attitude Gets Her Window Busted By Police

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We all know that an attitude will get you in a lot of trouble with the police, especially if they’re having a bad day. Apparently the woman in the video thought she could do whatever she wanted and not have to suffer the consequences from it.

After being pulled over for a simple citation the woman was asked to roll her window all of the way down for the officer’s safety, a simple enough request right? Well it wasn’t simple enough for her because she refused. Not only did she refuse, but when pressed on it even more she rolled the window all of the way up to avoid talking to the officer.

The officer then calls for backup since it’s obvious he’s not getting anywhere with the woman. When his backup arrives he tries again to get her to roll down the window and this time she does, but it’s only just a crack so she can talk to him.

Multiple refusals later the officer reaches his arm into the vehicle after warning her he would break the window if she didn’t roll it down. Upon reaching his arm in the car, the woman tried to roll the window up so he breaks it.

Now in this instance it’s obvious the officer followed protocol, however the woman thought she was above having to listen to the police. She attempted to say she was having a miscarriage but it was proven to be false so there was no excuse for her actions.

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