Michelle Obama Quietly Staying At Luxury Hotel


April 29, 2014 1:08pm PST

Perhaps the beds just aren’t too comfortable at the White House any longer as Michelle Obama was recently spotted at the Salamander Resort in Washington DC. Surprisingly however, Mrs. Obama chose to keep her stay low-key as many people didn’t even know she was there.

As rooms at the hotel cost a minimum of $800 a night, it’s a wonder what the First Lady managed to rack up, and who foot the bill. The first lady however was only recognized as she prepared to depart the resort with a small army of Secret Service agents by her side.

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An alumni of the all-girls high school Foxcroft, Leigh Edgerton explained to the Washington Post that she first laid eyes on Obama in the lobby. “She was walking through the lobby and everyone stood up and started clapping,” Edgerton noted. “She looked right at me and said, ‘Hi, everybody, I hope you’re having fun,’ and I raised my arms in the air and said with a big smile ‘I am!’”

The Boxwood Winery was discovered to have been closed after one source explained he was turned away as they were hosting a, “private event.” Not too much longer, Boxwood posted a photo of the First Lady on their website with the caption reading, “Thank you Michelle Obama for visiting us today! We enjoyed hosting you and your wonderful friends!”

Now that sounds more like her.

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