Comic Explains Liberal ‘White Guilt’ Perfectly

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White guilt is a phrase that’s thrown around quite often when it comes to the racial issues in our nation. It’s no secret that liberals love to feel guilty about things that happened years ago that nobody now is responsible for and that’s what comedian Bill Burr talks about in this routine.

More specifically, he talks about a movie that had been released about an all-black swim team and how it had all of the stereotypical features of a white guilt movie, but he’s “just about out of white guilt,” he said.

Then he lists off a bunch of other movies that preceded this one and says “we’re all the way down to swimming, I gotta admit I don’t think I give a f**k.”

Of course he’s got to make sure he covered his bases and explains how what he’s talking about isn’t meant to be racist by any means. Then he goes into describing certain features of the film that seem to appear in every white guilt film, like an “angry white guy” with a “vein popping out of his forehead” as if to characterize ever racist white person in the same manner.

“Real racism is silent,” he says before a quick routine of how modern day people joke about racism.

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