E.T. Williams DESTROYS Liberals On Bundy’s ‘Racist’ Remarks

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Cliven Bundy was winning over the hearts of many Americans in a true “David versus Goliath” story over land rights in Nevada, right up until the New York Post took some statements out of context and painted him with the evil “racist” label anyways. Since then Bundy’s name has been smeared across the headlines as if he was a plantation owner before Lincoln freed the slaves.

However most people who have bothered to listen to Bundy’s statements in their entirety realize that what he was saying wasn’t racist, it just lacked the refinement that many of us would have since he’s an old timer.

Well Ernest (E.T.) Williams, also known as the Dr. of Common Sense, took to YouTube to express his frustrations with the left across the country blowing Bundy’s statements way out of proportion. Williams has been very outspoken against the double standards when it comes to race in America and has appeared on many conservative and alternative media outlets to express his beliefs.


(Black Conservative Doesn’t “Care if Cliven Bundy is a Racist”)

In this clip, Williams correctly points out that what happened is Bundy challenged the authority of the government and when it didn’t see a way to win it turned to its allies in the media for a smear campaign. After noting that Bundy’s statement included comments that were pro-Mexican and pro-black, he explains that the left needs to get over the divisive politics and we all should unite against the government, who’s our biggest oppressor. In his opinion, the “government is out of f**kin control” and trying to stop the movement of “We the People.”

He goes further to bring attention to the blatantly racist remarks that have been made by members of the Democrat party like Hillary and Bill Clinton, Lyndon B. Johnson, and not to mention Harry Reid himself. Arguing that the left thinks they’re the only ones who can discuss issue regarding race, he explained that liberals are always allowed a free pass even when they some horrific things.

Towards the end of the clip he reaffirms Bundy’s statements where he said he wonders if black people would be better off “picking cotton” instead of getting government handouts. He then closed by explaining that Lyndon Johnson was right when he said he would have black people voting Democrat for 200 years, “You only got about 160 more years to go,” he said.

So is E.T. Williams dead on or is he way out of line? Let us know with a comment!

(Hypocritical Democrats Just As Racist As Bundy)

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