People Faking HIV Positive For Welfare

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In a sickening new trend, it appears that some men and women in Uganda are coat tailing off the suffering of others in an attempt to obtain a free paycheck. As the epidemic of HIV in the nation continues to uncontrollably spiral out of control, many have taken to faking a positive HIV test in order to get welfare.

Uganda’s population is just over 35 million people whereas 1.5 million of those people (about 4%) are infected with the deadly virus. Currently there are no anti discrimination laws in place that protect those with HIV, so most of them currently are unemployed.


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Out of fear that they will further infect others as they will be coming into contact with more and more people, employers remain resistant to hire anyone that proves to positively be infected. Seeing how a job is needed to sustain life, many have taken to bribing clinic’s in order to obtain a fraudulent “negative” HIV result to show to potential employers.

This practice however has most recently been noted to be headed in the opposite direction as freeloaders have decided to jump on the opportunity. Not wanting to work, they simply bribe doctors to give them a positive test which they submit to the government for a lifetime of “free” money.


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Both practices are prohibited but the nation’s Minister of Health says that the government accounts for such inaccuracies and insists that their statistics aren’t impacted by fraudulent test obtainers.

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