Man Threatens War Over Gun Control

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There’s roughly 100 million gun owners in America and it’s no secret that gun control has been knocking on our door since Obama took office.

Most gun owners agree that the answer to America’s problems with violence isn’t disarming the law-abiding citizens who have done nothing wrong, yet that seems to be the major push from the left. More specifically, they believe that banning so-called “assault rifles” will somehow be the silver bullet that fixes our woes.

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What they fail to mention in their righteous escapades is that according to the FBI’s own statistics, more people are killed with hammers ever year than rifles of any type, and that’s why Jim Shaker from Tactical Response was so pissed when he heard the news that Obama wanted to use executive orders to re-implement the ban on them.

Granted, most of us wouldn’t agree with starting a war or killing people for such actions and Shaker’s response to the news is over the top. However his anger is justified to the point that for one man to unilaterally ban a specific firearm simply because he doesn’t like them when there’s no facts to back up his position is outrageous. America is a constitutional republic and as such there are laws and procedures that must be followed for such a ban to happen, otherwise we’re no better than a dictatorship.

Would you say he’s over the top or is he on point? Let us know with a comment!

(It Begins: Harry Reid Lies About Fort Hood Shooting To Push More Gun Control)

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