“The New Racism” Is Not Knowing You’re A Racist

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As the attacks on Cliven Bundy and Donald Sterling are underway, it seems that just about everyone has gotten in line to land their blows. Most recently was CNN’s Don Lemon who went a bit further and noted that, “The new racism is being unaware that you are racist.”

Expanding his views beyond the realm of reality is nothing new for Lemon as he, along with CNN, beat the story regarding the missing Malaysia flight into the ground. During that time, Lemon just about went off the deep end even suggesting that something supernatural may have happened to the plane.

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As you can tell by his previous remarks, reporting accurate news isn’t one of his strong suits.

Either way, being black, he had felt obligated to talk on the matter and grace the public with some more of his well-founded thoughts. While speaking on the Tom Joyner Show, Lemon shared, “I’ve said for years now that the new racism is the denial of racism.”

Listen here:

Of course, he went on to mention, “But in the past few weeks, after hearing from Bundy and Sterling, I have changed my mind. The new racism is being unaware that you are racist.”

In an attempt to be of higher intellect than us racist white folk he went on to say, “And that is the worst kind of anything; to be woefully ignorant, because in the latest two cases ignorance truly is not bliss. It is downright dangerous.”

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Lemon jokingly went on to liken Sterling’s mindset for his girlfriend to love black men privately was like, “the old slave owner who would pick one of his slaves to ‘love’ them ‘privately.’”

So what do you guys think – is Lemon right in this instance or is he just talking out of his backside as usual? Let us know in a comment below.

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