Militia Digs Up Mass Graves of Bundy’s Cattle

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We all know that the BLM used their power and authority to put the hurt on Bundy and his pals during the standoff. You may have heard about the execution of at least 6 of Bundy’s cattle, two of which were prized bulls, and buried in mass graves.

Recently released was the video that those digging up the graves recorded on that day.

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Explaining that the government surely doesn’t want the public knowing about their rash and retaliatory actions, a few men traveled out to expose the mass graves for the world to see. Now, we all know that the government is spiteful and will stoop to just about any low in order to get their way, but doing so in secret truly demonstrates their cowardice.

Feel free to watch a more in-depth video below:

Dug up were the bodies of a few heads of cattle that were recently executed via several bull wounds. Although the government likes to explain that the cows were “euthanized” they actually resemble something a little more like moving targets for government agents.

What’s even worse is that the cows were recently killed showing that, in all reality, the cows weren’t killed as they presented a threat to themselves or others, but because the government wanted to land one last blow. As blood is seen dripping from the bullet wounds after being dug up, it becomes quite clear that the kills were last minute.


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As one of the men explain, had the cattle been put down earlier, the blood would have coagulated and decomposition would have been more advanced.

So what do you think – was this unnecessary property destruction by the government or do you believe that the cattle were actually a threat? Let us know in a comment below.



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