Snoop Dogg’s Racist Rant Is Worse Than Clippers Owner’s [Graphic Content]

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What’s the most effective way to combat racism? With more racism, of course!

At least that’s the approach that famous rapper Snoop Dogg took when addressing the owner of the Clippers, Donald Sterling.

Posted to the World Star Hip Hop YouTube page on April 26, the 15-second clip shows Snoop going on a heavily racist and bigoted rant where he calls Sterling just about every possible racist term one could use against white people. To keep it classy, he also went after the NBA team owner’s mother just before saying “F**K you!” several times to end the video.

So can we expect Snoop to be called out and forced out of his career for his racist tirade? Not likely, since it’s okay for black people to be racist in the left’s eyes. Here you have some of the most vile things that could be said about somebody being said by a prominent person in pop culture and there’s not a peep. Sterling’s comments spread like wildfire, so why can’t we have equal treatment for everyone?

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not okay to address racism with more racism even though that seems to be the social norm, for black people. Let a white guy respond to Snoop in a similar manner and see what happens.

He would be kissing his life as he knows it goodbye, and we all know that’s the truth.

(Full Uncut Recording Of Clippers’ Owner Sterling’s Racist Remarks)

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