MSNBC: Gun Rights Promote ‘On Your Own’ Mentality

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Not surprisingly, a contributor to MSNBC once again tried to discredit individual liberty and promote the idea that the police will protect you when discussing the recent law passed in Georgia expanding areas that people can carry a gun.

“You can take guns into schools if your local school board, you know, really approves that. You can take guns into church if your church leaders say so,” Goldie Taylor said.

Opponents of the bill that was signed into law on Wednesday call it the “guns everywhere” bill.

Taylor, who’s obviously afraid of people having too much liberty and believes the police will protect her, said that passing such a bill and allowing people to defend themselves is “selling this on-your-own politics to people and it’s really pretty scary.”

What she fails to mention is that the Supreme  court recently ruled that the police have no legal duty to protect anybody but themselves, so “on your own” seems like a pretty viable plan if you ask me. Especially when you consider the average response times for police across the nation. Not that they’re doing anything wrong, but in the time it takes them to arrive you could already be dead, then what?

This just goes to show you that liberals really are too stupid to even realize that the most effective way to stop someone with a gun is to have a gun on your person. The majority of law abiding gun owners would never pull a weapon unless provoked to do so, but keep spreading that hate, MSNBC.

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