86-Yr-Old Grandma Has Out-Of-This-World Instagram Feed

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An 86-year-old grannie who goes by the name of Baddie Winkle, has just about taken over Instagram as her antics are gaining quite a bit of notoriety. Seen in “daring swimsuits, takes photos while popping pills and videos herself dancing,” in just the short months of signing up, she’s already developed a cult following.

Baddie Winkle is out of Williamstown, Kentucky where she describes herself as the lady who has, “been stealing your man since 1928.” Some of perhaps the funnier captions to her photos read, “Why twerk when you can hoola hoop?” and “Pop lock and drop it in.”

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Winkle only signed up for Twitter a mere month ago, but has since been able to secure a whopping 189,000 followers. With those follows comes her cult following along with a slew of imposters who seek to coat-tail off the woman’s success.

However, she doesn’t seem bothered by them too much as she recently explained, “All these other grandmas are copy cats. I like a real cat.” Feelings regarding Baddie Winkle seem to be mixed however as one follower wrote, “There is a reason to fall in love with social media again.”

Others though, feel different as one Twitter user explained, “I think I am going to have nightmares about Baddie Winkle.”

Feel free to check out Baddie Winkle’s full Instagram profile here.


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If you don’t feel like making your way over there, take a peek below for a few of her more comedic photos:








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