Nerf Gun War Prompts Police Presence And Charges

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Six seniors from Wasau, Wisconsin high school decided to get together for a nerf gun war – what happened though, they couldn’t have imagined in their wildest dreams. Passersby apparently called police and informed them that the boys were playing with firearms and police soon showed up.

As the boys ran around the neighborhood, and throughout the streets, participating in a fun nerf gun war, calls began coming in to the local police department regarding boys playing with guns. The bright colored toys were apparently indistinguishable from modern firearms as Wasau police department Capt. Ben Bliven reported, “Our dispatch said there were three people with firearms, so we had to respond appropriately.”

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He went on to note that, “It did scare a number of people that were in the area. They thought that there were actually firearms being drawn and pointed at other people, which is very concerning for citizens in the community.”

It wasn’t until they had the high school seniors in handcuffs that they realized the “guns” they were playing with were merely toys. The boys had been apprehended at gun point due to the lack of diligence of those calling 911.

All 6 boys were charged with disorderly conduct and some have even since been placed on athletic probation.

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