Teacher Gives Student Full-Contact Lap Dance For His Birthday

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A 42 year-old middle school teacher has been charged after giving one of her students a lap dance right in front of the class.

Prosecutors in Houston, Texas charged Felicia Smith for the incident that happened at Stovall Middle school on February 26.

According to police, the unnamed student said that Smith had placed a chair in the front of the classroom after the late bell rang. Then music started playing, which nobody knew where it was coming from, and the students in the room started encouraging the student to have a seat in the chair.

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Once he sat down he was in for the birthday present of his life as his middle-aged teacher gave him what would be assumed to be his first lap dance, and it was full contact. The police report stated that she rubbed her butt all over the student and rubbed her hands all over his body. She apparently also got down on her knees and placed her head in between his legs, you know like strippers do.

Police said that the incident lasted just over three and a half minutes, which would be the length of whatever song was playing at the time.

There’s no word on whether or not the boy enjoyed the dance, although he did admit to slapping the teacher’s behind a couple of times while it was happening.

When the seductive dance was over, the teacher hugged the boy and said “I love you, baby. Happy Birthday.”

The incident was recorded, although the video isn’t available and there’s no word on who did and the police have both copies of the video that are known to exist.

When Smith was questioned by police, she said that the students in the room had encouraged her to give him the lap dance and that’s why she did it. She also said that she nearly fell a couple of times trying to perform the agile moves required of such a dance.

She now faces a single charge of having an improper relationship with a student and is free on $30,000 bond.

The school has said that Smith has been removed from the campus during the investigation and that she won’t be returning.

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