Eric Holder Orders Drone Strike On Bundy Ranch

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Rumors are floating about suggesting that Attorney General Eric Holder has officially given the O.K. for a drone strike on the Bundy ranch. Although any such action has yet to occur, a source within the Department of Defense felt obligated to come forward as he expresses the legitimacy in such concerns.

The information comes from John Jacob Schmidt of Radio Free Redoubt, who says he was able to obtain information from a source that reports to the Oath Keepers. According to the report, Holder has given the go ahead on a, “hot drone strike,” that would certainly wipe out anyone and everyone in the immediate area.

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Schmidt also explained in his report that no such action has thus far been made and expressed his hope that the government could come to some other form of resolution.

The national administrator of Oath Keepers, Leslie Bishop Paul, also wrote on his Facebook wall that the claims, “may, or may not,” be true, but expressed his optimism that, “sunlight,” would bring about another solution.

Rancher Cliven Bundy poses at his home in Bunkerville, Nevada

“Pray it isn’t true and pray it never happens,” Paul concluded.

The Liberty Beacon recently released a blog on the matter saying that the government is treating the Bundy situation like that of a schoolyard bomb threat. They go on to suggest that such an act of aggression would certainly, “be the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back,” and would effectively trigger a revolution.

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They further speculate that there may be manipulative means behind the threat saying that violence isn’t actually their intention. Instead, the Beacon suggests that the government is hoping to instigate violence from the militia guarding the property which, in turn, would allow for the government to enact martial law.

According to the blog, “So is this disinformation to get the boots on the ground to evacuate the scene so that BLM people can move in Waco style, or is it absolute bull to have us put out false info and destroy our credibility.”


Adding to the credibility of such an explanation, the founder of Oath Keepers, Stewart Rhodes explained that it is entirely likely that the government would use the claims in a sort of disinformation campaign. He further noted that, “The person who reportedly gave the information, he said, believes what he heard,” according to the Examiner.

Rhodes went on to explain that his source mentioned that Holder felt justified in his decision after being inadvertently backed by Reid’s claims where he labeled Bundy supporters as, “domestic terrorists.”

Mr. Conservative was not able to independently validate any such claims.

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Adding further confusion to the claims, Schmidt conveyed, “Personally, I call “BS” on this supposed source.   The story screams ‘set up’ and ‘operation whack-a-mole’.  I understand this administration already thinks it can legally kill someone, without a trial, and their lemmings have referred to the patriots as “domestic terrorists,”  but I believe someone (possibly in the Obama Administration), like a school kid, pulled the school fire alarm just to see what would happen.”

So what do you guys think – is there any way the government would be so stupid as to order the merciless slaughter of American citizens or are these claims bogus? Let us know in a comment below.

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