The C.I.A.’s Secret $3 ‘Freedom Fighter’ Gun

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Back during WWII the C.I.A.’s father, the Office of Strategic Services, had a plan to keep Japanese and German fighters busy behind their own lines and away from the front lines. It involved turning the citizens of the occupied countries into “freedom fighters” armed with a $3 gun called the FP-45 Liberator.

It shot a .45 caliber round and had relatively few moving parts. General Motors was tasked with producing them and nearly 1 million of the little zip guns came off the production lines then were dropped into the occupied nations to help create chaos. The theory behind the disposable guns was that the freedom fighters could ambush a soldier then take his main weapon and continue to fight while giving their Liberator to someone else.

With the fear that communists were taking over the world, the C.I.A. replaced the OSS in the 60’s and they decided that it was time to upgrade the liberator and make it lighter with less moving parts. The newer version, called the deer gun, could be dropped everywhere from the Ukraine to North Korea and was built without any identifying marks so it couldn’t be traced.

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The deer gun weighed only 12oz. and was packaged in heavy Styrofoam containers so they could both withstand being dropped from altitude and would also float if they landed in the water. Along with the gun came three 9mm bullets, which the U.S. didn’t issue to our soldiers at the time, that they were careful to not even allow NATO markings on so they couldn’t be traced back to America. The package also included a quick pictorial on how to load and fire the weapon.

This little zip gun was built with the same intentions as the Liberator, for the freedom fighters to ambush a soldier and take his main weapon.

A.M.F. was tasked with developing and building this gun, however after Kennedy’s assassination the C.I.A. was taking heat and decided to scrap the plan.

The likelihood of coming across one of these deer guns is very slim since AMF only ever made 1,000 of them for the government and after the plan was scrapped they were all ordered to be destroyed. However it’s estimated that 25 of them were able to survive and one of them recently fetched a hefty $22,000 at auction. That’s a 650,000% increase from the original $3.50 they cost to make in the 60’s, which would equate to roughly $26 now.

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C.I.A.-Deer-Gun-Single-Shot-Pistol deergun-note-the-attachment-behind-the-charging-handle-that-acted-as-a-crude-safety-when-ready-to-fire-it-was-removed-and-added-to-the-barrel-as-a-front-sight-300x245 plan-of-the-deer-gun stripped the-deer-gun-beautifully-packaged-in-its-styrofoam-drop-box-with-three-rounds-of-9mm-and-cartoon-instructions

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