College Thought Police Ban Popular Phrases

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In today’s world where everyone gets a medal and it’s now a right to not be offended, it’s no surprise that a pair of student-run groups at Duke University has launched a poster campaign to police the words and phrases students around campus use.

The two groups, Think Before You Talk and the LGBT organization Blue Devils United, started the “You Don’t Say” campaign in order to stop students from using popular slang words and phrases such as “that’s gay” if something isn’t cool and the word “raped” to describe something difficult.

The campaign seeks to end the use of the words “p*ssy,” “fag,” “tranny,” “man up,” and “b*tch,” along with other words they think are derogatory or demeaning.

One of the posters reads “I don’t say ‘FAG’ because I wouldn’t say something that is so strongly tied to the suffering of others.”

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Another says “I don’t say ‘Man up’ because I don’t believe in gender norms.”

There’s also a second “man up” poster that says “I don’t say ‘man up’ because the strongest people I know have cried in front of me, regardless of their age, gender, or sex,” and has a young woman flexing her arm in the background.

The posters become increasingly odd as well. One of them says that the using the word “b*tch” is somehow insisting that femininity is negative, while another speaks about using the phrase “That’s so gay” as mocking or re-appropriating someone’s sexual orientation.

Another says “I don’t say ‘That’s so gay’ because the words gay and stupid aren’t interchangeable.”

This campaign comes just as another prominent school canceled a planned fundraiser because a single student was offended. A sorority and fraternity at Dartmouth joined forces to raise money for cardiac treatments by throwing a party with a play on the word “fiesta.” They were going to call it a “Phiesta” to integrate their Greek theme into it but a female Latino student became outraged that they were hijacking Cinco de Mayo festivities and “Americanizing” them.

The two student groups caved to her demands and canceled the charitable event.

What’s happening at Duke with the posters, and across America as a whole, is nothing more than trying to control the thoughts of others. Freedom of speech and expression is one of our constitutionally protected rights, however now people seem to think that they have a right to not be offended by the words of others.

These posters only serve to bully students into speaking how the left thinks they should. Never mind the fact that people have been using these phrases for decades without a problem because someone just might get offended, and we can’t have that now can we?

The posters are below, see what you think of them for yourself.

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