Officer FIRED After Choking Restrained Student

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Officers were called to the location of a massive 800-student party out in Tennessee on Saturday night where 10 arrests were made. During that time, one officer took it upon himself to choke a restrained college student to the point of unconsciousness, and has since been fired.

Police responded to the University of Tennessee party at 11:56 p.m. where they were getting calls about a, “disturbance,” that began spreading throughout the streets. When they arrived, police were met with the throwing of beer bottles in their direction prompting the few officers who were there to call for backup.

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Soon, some 60 police officers from 3 surrounding agencies arrived and began making arrests. During that time, 21-year-old Jarod Dotson was out on the street where he was reported to appear intoxicated while holding a cup, “that had an odor of an alcoholic beverage.”

According to reports, Dotson was given, “repeated instructions,” to go back inside but ignored them. When police decided to arrest the man, he “began to physically resist officers,” and even, “grabbed on to an officer’s leg,” during the altercation.


Local photographer John Messner was able to catch the following unacceptable incident through a series of photos. Apparently Dotson was walked about a block away to a waiting police van for transport to the jail.

Messner, following closely, noted that at this point, Dotson was following orders and was not resisting in any way. When the 3 officers and Dotson got to the police van, officers reportedly un-cuffed Dotson where his hands briefly hung by his side while the officers were getting ready to place him in the van.


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At this time, two officers twisted the student’s arms behind his back while Frank Phillips, 47, walked in front of the now restrained man and began choking Dotson with both hands. Messner was able to catch the revealing images on camera as they literally lay out the sequence of events that followed.


Soon, Dotson fell to his knees as Phillips cut of blood flow, and in so oxygen, to the brain. During this time, the other two officers continued trying to place Dotson’s hands in cuffs despite the student going limp.


According to Messner, the two officers eventually picked him up where Phillips slapped Dotson in the head a few times before eventually walking away. Since that time, Phillips has been fired for using excessive force.

The Knox County Sheriff’s Office’s website has since read that Phillips was found, “unsuitable for continued employment.” Shedding a little more light onto the matter, Sheriff Jimmy ‘J.J.’ Jones relayed, “In my 34 years of law enforcement experience, excessive force has never been tolerated. After an investigation by the Office of Professional Standards, I believe excessive force was used in this incident.”


He went on to say, “Therefore, Officer Phillips’ employment with the Knox County Sheriff’s Office is terminated immediately.”

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Jones also expressed that Phillips’ case would be forwarded to the Knox County Attorney General’s Office to see if any more charges would need to be filed.

So what do you guys think – did this officer get what he deserved? Let us know in the comments below.

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