Lesbian Couple Locked Son In Cage, Tortured Him While He Cried For Help

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A lesbian couple from Georgia has been arrested in an absolutely sickening case of child abuse involving a dog cage and psychological torture.

The boy’s biological mother, Crystal Jean Hostetter, 24, and her long term girlfriend, Sarah Elizabeth McClain, 30, were caught abusing the child for two hours on Saturday after neighbors witnessed the abuse and called police. The boy has psychological issues and does not like sticky substances, both of which they exploited to “punish” him.

Both women were charged with cruelty to children in front of a Douglas County Magistrate on Thursday.

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Their charges stem from allegedly forcing the boy into a small pet crate, and covering his hands and feet with syrup and cat litter. They also forced him to hold a brick over his head for 15 minutes and refused to give him prescribed medications.

While the abuse was happening, neighbors could hear the boy screaming “Don’t kill me!” and “Don’t you love me?” according to police.

Hostetter said that the abuse was her way of punishing her son, and she told police that the reason she poured the syrup on him is because she knows he doesn’t like it, according to Douglasville Police Sergeant Todd Garner.

“He acts out based on the things that they have diagnosed him with and she doesn’t like that so she has issued these forms of punishment,“ Garner said.

“She has also gone to the point of taking his bed out and making him sleep on the floor because he slept on the floor one night. So she said, ‘If you don’t like your bed, you cannot have it.’”

In addition to locking him in a cage and other abuses, Hostetter has also refused to get her son’s medications filled at the pharmacy.

“He’s supposed to be on three different medications that she has not filled or given him,” Garner said. “In our conversation, I asked her, ‘You just think that you know more than the doctors?’ She said yes.’”

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He also said that the boy had been hospitalized earlier in the year for his psychological issues, however he wouldn’t comment on the extent of them.

Neighbors first tried to call the Department of Children and Family Services hotline after witnessing the abuse but they couldn’t get through. So instead they contacted the boy’s school who then notified police.

Upon their arrival, the police said they found the house covered in fleas from their three pet cats.

After the DFCS sent a worker to the home on Monday evening, the women admitted to the abuse. They’re now being held witout bond in the Douglas County Jail while the boy is staying at home with a guardian.

The police are reportedly trying to find out if there were any reports of abuse from when they lived in Pennsylvania. They moved to Georgia roughly three years ago.

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