Bloomberg’s Gun Grabbing Partner Horribly Can’t Answer A Simple Question

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Recently Mayor Bloomberg’s anti-gun group Mayors Against Illegal Guns merged with the supposed “grassroots” organization called Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America to form the group Everytown For Gun Safety. Shannon Watts is the head of MDA and had made some blistering accusations about Dana Loesch, who caught up with her at the NRA rally.

The video is of their confrontation that unfolded outside of the convention where Watts was staging an anti-gun gathering to protest the event. When Loesch started asking her questions, she became silent and her armed security tried shooing Loesch away. Watts was quickly whisked away in an SUV shortly after her encounter with Loesch.

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According to TheBlaze, the full video shows Loesch introducing herself to Watts. The two exchanged the typical hellos, then Watts said she refused to engage her in any conversation, not surprising since it’s hard to defend lying and using propaganda on a daily basis.

Watts apparently accused Loesch of being “insulting” online and that’s why she wouldn’t talk to her. However Loesch was undeterred and can be seen asking her several questions as Watts tried to avoid her.

Last year Watts accused Loesch of being a shill for the “gun lobby” as well as being paid by the popular firearm accessory company MagPul for her involvement in a pro-gun rally in Colorado.

Loesch repeatedly asked Watts about her accusations, “Shannon, would you like to clarify or retract when you said I was a paid employee of Magpul?”

Another question she asked, and it’s obvious why it didn’t get a response, was if Watts spoke for all moms or just those who favor more gun control.

According to TheBlaze, Loesch’s producer can be heard in the background of the clip accusing Watts’ armed security of being physical with him and Loesch. The producer later told TheBlaze that they were being pushed away by them.

Additionally, the full video includes Loesch explaining that Watts’ PR firm had made a media request and that’s why Loesch confronted her to begin with.

The presence of armed security was later confirmed via Twitter by the “Comms director for Everytown for Gun Safety (includes Mayors Against Illegal Guns and Moms Demand Action),” Erika Soto Lamb, who also accused pro Second Amendment people of “threatening” the lives of the gun grabbers.

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