NRA’s Hard-Hitting new Ad: “It’s Time To Believe In The Good Guys Again”

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When the topic of the NRA is brought up, most people think that a conversation of guns is either currently happening, or is about to. However, the NRA recently released a new ad that isn’t so much about guns, but American pride.

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As our nation’s leaders seek to further corrupt our once great and powerful nation in the interest of personal greed, many rights have been stripped from us as Americans. In an effort to relay that this is a nation of the people, and as a people we are great, the NRA let rip an ad that brought those attending the NRA conference to their feet.

Asking if you still, “believe in the good guys,” the ad hits home with a resounding uplifting message.

Feel free to take a peek and let us know what you thought of the video by leaving a comment below.

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