Obama Met By Angry Protesters In Malaysia

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What could have been a momentous occasion for the Malaysian people turned out to be anything but.

Yesterday, President Obama visited the country. He was the first United States President to do so in 50 years. The Malaysian people were less than thrilled, though, as he was met by angry protestors instead of welcoming cries of support.

The President made his visit on official business – not another one of his highly publicized, highly frowned upon lavish vacations. He was there as part of an Asian tour to forge alliances for the Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement (TPPA). Malaysians are vehemently against the TPPA, with their parliament even encouraging the angry protests during Obama’s stay. The Malaysian people and government are collectively worried that Obama’s visit will put pressure on Malaysia’s Putrajaya to sign the controversial agreement.

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On Friday, 100 people met outside of the U.S. Embassy to protest Obama’s approaching visit. Ironically, these protesters were Muslim Malaysians who consider our President to be an enemy of Islam. Funny, I thought he was an enemy to pretty much everything except Islam. After all, he’s been giving guns to the radical Muslim organizations which wish death on Christian nations. He’s brought dangerously questionable members of the Muslim Brotherhood into the White House. And let’s not forget all of the times he has created policy that secretly gives Muslims a leg up while putting those of Christian faith at a disadvantage.

However, maybe these Malaysian protesters were onto something. Barack Obama has been such a train wreck that he has sent the Muslim religion back lightyears in terms of the way they are perceived to the rest of the world. If Muslims had a bad rap after 9/11, they probably have a worse one now after all Barry has done.


Outside the U.S. Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, Protestors held signs which read, “Obama, you are not welcome here”, and “World’s #1 Terrorist”. We would have to agree with those folks.

Others burned a mock American flag, which had skulls to portray the 50 states instead of stars. That sort of blatant insult is usually reserved for fanatical Islamic nations. It appears though, that Obama has wreaked such havoc on our foreign relations that usually peaceful Filipinos have now taken to burning the American flag as well.

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One concerned citizen said of the TPPA, which would boost U.S. military presence in Malaysia:

“Our nation has been subject to foreign domination for 116 years and the United States has continued to drag us into it’s wars, greatly affecting the Filipino people.”


What do you think of these protests against our President in Malaysia? Are the Filipino people right on the money with the way they feel? Give us your thoughts in the comments section.

H/T: Gateway Pundit

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