Mother Eggs On Toddler Brawl

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In today’s society, the average human being is bound to see some fairly bizarre things, and on occasion, some truly sickening incidents as well. Perhaps the most recent events of such magnitude was posted to Facebook where a mother is seen egging on two toddler’s to throw down.

The video starts out simple as two toddlers are seen in the video – one seemingly more upset than the other. In a temper tantrum state, one of the toddlers is seen hitting the other causing her to cry as expected.


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As the mother, for some reason with her cell phone video camera already on, would normally be seen running over to aid the injured child and reprimand the other, what happens next is truly baffling. Instead of trying to end the physical altercation between the two children, who are estimated to be around 2 or 3, she tells the other to fight back.

Now encouraging a full-on brawl, the mother is heard shouting such absurdities as, “Got some action! Got some action,” and “ball up yo’ fist.” The altercation is allowed to continue looking as if the two have been in a similar situation before.

Feel free to watch the entire recorded event here:

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