Ted Cruz Goes After Feds’ Attempted Land Grab In Texas

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Ted Cruz isn’t a fan of federal overreach and a letter he penned to the Bureau of Land Management regarding their potential land grab in Texas is evidence of it.

His letter was sent to the director of the agency to affirm a letter that the Attorney General of Texas, Greg Abbot, had written that demanded more information about the potential repurposing of tracts of land that are in dispute for federal uses. They’re trying to take 90,000 acres of land that Texans believe is rightfully theirs, sound familiar?

In the letter to Neil Kornze, Cruz said that the publicly released statement on the BLM’s website is too vague and doesn’t directly address the questions that were raised by Abbott. Cruz also requested that Kornze respond directly to the Attorney General as well as the additional questions that Cruz had on the matter.

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The BLM initially denied any expansions of federal land holdings, which the Texas Senator addressed in his letter after first restating what those concerns were.

“…this response does not answer General Abbott’s concerns. In addition, BLM’s statement does not address whether the agency takes the position that the 90,000 acres of land in question along the Red River is already BLM land, which would make the agency’s “categorical denial” an act of deceptive sophistry.”

Then Cruz pretty much called out the director and told him to put his money where his mouth is after adding a sixth, and very specific, question to the list.

“Please confirm that BLM does not take the position that it has rights to ownership or control of any of the 90,000 acres of land along the Red River that are at the center of this controversy or similarly situated land. If it claims any such rights, please identify with specificity the acreage, location and legal basis for claiming those rights.”

Cruz requested that the director reply as soon as possible to their questions, and made sure to point out that if there’s not anything shady going on then they should be easy to answer.

“If BLM indeed does not intend to claim any land which it does not already administer along the Red River, the answers to these questions should be quite straightforward.”

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Cruz BLM Letter

Abbott Letter to BLM

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