Bundy Militia: We Are Prepared to Use Deadly Force

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As the government is currently scheming while licking its wounds after its recent retreat at the Bundy Ranch, it seems that the fight is far from over. Currently still watching over the property are several militia members that claim to be prepared to use deadly force.

One of the several groups that have vowed to keep an ever vigilant eye over the Nevada property is Oklahoma Volunteer Militia led in part by co-founder Scott Shaw. Explaining that his militia is comprised of ordinary Americans, Shaw explains them to be, “every-day citizens …We just have a strong conviction for freedom and liberty and upholding the Constitution. We are just here in case our court system fails us and we have to stand up to the federal government.”

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Describing the ludicrous nature of the BLM’s actions, Shaw describes, “If you’re there to get your money back that [Cliven Bundy] allegedly owes you, there are several ways you can do that in a court of law. You can put a lien on his property; you can put a lien on his cattle. If it truly was about getting back the back fees, why did [the BLM] take the cattle, or round the cattle up, which are the asset you’re going to sell–why would you kill several of those?”

As Mr. Conservative has reported earlier, the BLM was responsible for the savage slayings of at least six of Bundy’s cows including two prize bulls. Found buried in mass graves, it looks as though the cows were slaughtered in a twisted form of retaliation.

As the several militia members were photographed during the standoff holding rifles of various characteristics, Shaw expresses that they’re, “number one, for self-defense. And then, if they have to defend unarmed protestors or the Bundy’s themselves.”

The co-founder of the militia went on to state that although training is a pre-requisite for membership, he does explain their one simple rule being, “We don’t fire unless fired upon. We’re not here to provoke anything.  We’re just there to make sure the government doesn’t over-reach and that the government doesn’t overstep their bounds.”

The efforts seem to be preemptive in nature as the militia strive to keep both Bundy and his property safe from government confiscation and illegal entry. When asked if the men were prepared to use deadly force, Shaw responded with a resounding, “Yes sir, we are prepared…We certainly hope it doesn’t go that route but, with the track record of the federal government, it doesn’t look very promising that that’s going to happen.”


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Shaw did however go on to say that it wouldn’t be hard to provoke a bloodbath saying, “How are we supposed to know that they’re firing rubber bullets when it has been fired?” He then shares that an incident similar to this would most likely prompt a lethal force from the militiamen.

Despite their willingness to use deadly force should the matter come to that, Shaw relays that ultimately, “Nobody on our side wants this. It’s being forced upon us. We’re not the aggressor; the aggressor is the federal government. They’re the ones who show up with the firearms.”

The militia founder was then asked to comment in the lefts attempts to demonize members of the militia through photos of them aiming at federal agents. Asked specifically if he’d seen the photo of the man lying prostrate on an overpass looking down his sites on an overpass, Shaw expressed, “I think so…From the reports that I’ve seen, I know the BLM had snipers set up on hilltops having weapons pointed at the protesters.”

He went on to mention however that the government was doing the same thing, and even though people didn’t see government snipers, brandishing their firearms was nothing more than leveling the playing field. Shaw explains it as, “hey, you have guns, we have guns, we’re not going to stand for this.”

Ultimately however, Shaw conveys that it still remains unclear as to why the government felt the need to use such aggressive tactics. As the BLM is currently threatening to take yet another 90,000 acres of privately owned land near the Texas/ Oklahoma border, Shaw shares that their duty doesn’t solely fall under the Bundy family, but all Americans facing government oppression and bullying.


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Explaining that he’d eagerly lend a helping hand through the use of his militia to any landowners being threatened with land confiscation, he says they simply need to give him a call. “We were willing to travel almost 1,200 miles to Nevada to help out our neighbors over there, we’ll definitely drive two hours to help out our neighbors on the Red River.”

So what do you guys think – is there a need for militia to guard the Bundy property? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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