NRA’s EPIC Response To Bloomburg’s $50 Million Campaign Against Guns

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Mayor Michael Bloomburg has recently announced a $50 million campaign to take away our Second Amendment rights, and apparently someone at the National Rifle Association took note. They’ve released a new ad titled “Bloomburg is one guy with millions. We’re millions with our $25,” and it hits him right where it counts.

Bloomburg, along with the founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America Shannon Watts, have long relied on bullying and scare tactics in order to force their ideology down others’ throats. However what they seem to forget is that gun rights supporters truly make up a grassroots movement, unlike the heavily-funded astro-turf movement they run.

The two groups, MDA and Mayors Against Illegal Guns, announced that they will be merging together and taking on the “gun lobby” as a united front in the form of an organization called “Everytown for Gun Safety.” Most who are familiar with either group know that they have often used lies and propaganda to sway public opinion and further take away our rights.

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Well now it appears as if the NRA is going to be taking them head-on. Their new ad features everyday people along with a couple of more well-known gun enthusiasts saying they each have their $25 to help combat Bloomburg and Watts’ campaign of lies.

The premise of the ad is that one man with $50 million is no match for millions of people with $25. It defines the true meaning of “grassroots,” and sends a loud and clear message to the real gun bullies that we’re not going to go quietly and we’re not going to let them take away any more of our rights.

One thing is for certain, Bloomburg and his corporate shill Shannon Watts, who was once an executive for Monsanto, are doing nothing more than kicking a hornet’s nest by trying to take away our rights. There’s a reason the “gun lobby” is so strong, and it’s because it’s comprised of people like us who pay our membership dues to organizations like the NRA, Gun Rights Across America, and Gun Owners of America to go out and fight on our behalves and ensure that self-serving people with an agenda aren’t able to infringe on our natural right to own firearms.

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