Hippies Leave Behind 5 TONS Of Trash After Pot Celebration

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The left loves to throw out there that they’re the “environmentally conscious” group in our nation while the rest of us could care less. Well a recent San Francisco celebration for the famed pot “holiday” 420 would prove otherwise as the hippies in attendance left behind 10,000 pounds of trash for others to clean up.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that this year’s annual celebration at what’s known as “Hippie Hill” in Golden Gate Park drew a massive crowd of 10,000-15,000 people. The cost to the city, even with volunteers helping, was over $10,000.

Wandering hippies left behind everything from empty bags of chips, snack containers, candy wrappers, and drink containers, all of which are the favorites of those who enjoy the green herb.

If you remember correctly, the Occupy protests along with several marches on Washington D.C. have left similar scenes behind as revelers carelessly threw their trash wherever they pleased. However similar protests from conservative activists showed a sharp contrast in how Mother Nature was treated and left behind a scene that was relatively clean.

Just like with anything else, the left’s hypocrisy knows no bounds and while they may think they’re the environmentally friendly people of America time and time again we’re shown that it’s just not the case.

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