BARF ALERT: Parks And Rec Swoon Over Michelle Obama


April 25, 2014 9:11am PST

Michelle Obama just loves to make her public appearances for us on national television, and lucky for us, she usually does something to make herself look like a complete fool. During her most recent stunt, the FLOTUS recently appeared on NBC’s “Parks and Recreation,” and decided that would be a suitable platform for her less than hyping legacy, “Let’s Move.”

At this point, its unclear whether or not Mrs. Obama loves to see herself on the big screen, but many of us are starting to come to the understanding that the person most obsessed with Michelle, is herself. Appearing in the season finale of Parks and Recreation, Michelle played her part to urge Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) to take a job offered to her in Chicago.


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Despite the unsatisfactory image of Chicago, the first woman attempted to polish the turd by saying, “You know how I feel about Chicago.” The two complete the act, including, “a cringingly embarrassing high five,” before Michelle gives her advice on the matter.

As Poehler’s character struggles between the love of her hometown and the possibilities the new job could offer, Michelle says, “Well I hope you take the job.” Of course, as the swooning just couldn’t stop, Knope relays (and here’s where the barf alert comes in), “I agree with you on all things, throughout history and until the end of time forever.”


She then proceeds to plug her movement that has singlehandedly caused the suffering of children across the nation, “Let’s Move.” Now of course, we couldn’t have the president or his wife make an appearance for nothing more than a selfish reason, but that wasn’t all Mrs. Obama had to say.

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Giving a subtle hat-tip to her husband, she relays in character, “Change happens one person at a time.” Now, for the most of us, we are yet to see any such change as promised by the President six years ago (accept for that of backward motion), but it’s nice to see they still think they’re doing something useful.

What do you guys think – has Michelle Obama done anything worthwhile while holding the honor of the First Lady? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.


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