O’Reilly SLAMS Racist Affirmative Action Attorney

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Race continues to be a hot topic of debate between those who wish to do away with the tiring accusations and those who are reluctant to give up their crutch. In the most recent clash between two sides, O’Reilly took to obliterating an Affirmative Action attorney declaring that he was effectively “trying to rewrite the Constitution.”

Speaking with the Affirmative Action (AA) attorney that is representing the black activist group By All Means Necessary (BAMN), George Washington, O’Reilly suggested that the counsel was reluctant to see the blatant racism and Constitutional violations in which AA presents. O’Reilly started off explaining that there was a distinct separation between the poor and people of wealth, but distinguishing who is deserving of what by race was not the best way of going about college applicant consideration.

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Offering to divide applicants into economic status, and leaving race completely out of it, would give those who did exceedingly well, no matter their family’s income, the recognition they deserve. From there, he explained that by offering certain people an advantage at the expense of people of a different race is exactly what the 14th Amendment strictly forbids.

In other words, if a black man is granted admission to fit AA quotas, and a more qualified white man is rejected on this notion, he has effectively been judged by the color of his skin – a principle that AA insists they combat (if you’re on the side that fits their agenda that is).


Washington however couldn’t have felt differently, arguing that, “Being poor and black is different than being poor and white, or poor and Latino.” Of course, dragging race back into the conversation instead of holding everyone accountable for their own futures, the attorney continued arguing his outwardly racist and biased point.

O’Reilly eventually went on to state that AA is nothing more than a, “subjective liberal pennant,” and that the 14th Amendment protects ALL Americans, no matter their race, from being discriminated against because of skin tone (and yes, that includes whites.).

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As the thick headed attorney couldn’t seem to wrap his head around the fact that AA gives blacks and Latinos an unfair advantage by giving them a head start on principle, O’Reilly concluded that, “If you treat a person of color in a different manner, that is a direct violation of the 14th Amendment.”

Now of course, this case was actually distinguishing whether or not the state had the right to make their own ruling on such an issue, in which case they do, but the argument is nonetheless asinine. Don’t let us make that assertion for you though – what do you think? Is Affirmative Action fundamentally racist, or does it provide the necessary pedestal for certain races in order to level the playing field? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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