Seth Rogen SLAMS Nancy Grace On Marijuana Opinion

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In all of Hollywood, Seth Rogen is arguably the biggest voice in support of marijuana – and perhaps the heaviest user. So when a well known public figure recently decided to speak out against the drug, Seth Rogen just let her have it.

Nancy Grace is known for her outward opposition regarding the drug eagerly sought for legalization. So when she started blaming the drug for the death of a woman on the substance, Seth Rogen just couldn’t hold it back any longer.



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Apparently the man who had killed this woman – his significant other – was high on marijuana at the time, prompting her vocal outrage over Twitter. Seth Rogen, about fed up with the connection that Grace was making, the comedic actor simply called her out for what she was – a “f*cking dumb*ss”.

So what do you guys think of Rogen’s amazing response? While we’re at it, what’s your stance on the legalization of marijuana? Feel free to start up a logical (and rational) debate in the comments below.

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