Nevada Rancher Responds To Allegations Of Racism

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A recent report from the New York Times, a left leaning news source, has painted Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy as a racist and the rest of the mainstream media took off running with it. However Bundy isn’t racist, and he appeared on the Alex Jones radios show via telephone to explain what he meant with his comments.

Bundy explained that the media had taken him out of context and twisted what he said to make him appear as if he’s a raging racist. He said to Jones that he’s concerned about the freedom of all people, not only black people, and that he feels everyone in America is becoming slaves to the federal government.

Jones then pointed out just how absurd the media’s allegations are since Bundy had stated his concern is for the welfare of young black men who are being jailed at an alarmingly high rate and that black babies are being killed in large numbers from abortions.

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An article on InfoWars points out that the very paper who first reported the racism angle has recently been caught in lies in their reporting. One of those reports was the photograph they had to print a retraction about that was said to be proof that Russian troops had entered the Ukraine, and another was the letter that emerged from the Ukraine telling Jews they needed to register with the pro-Russian government that was later proven to be a forgery.

On top of factually incorrect reporting, the media has been ramping up their use of the race card when attacking conservatives and opponents of the Democrats in general. Their ruthless barrage of claiming everyone to be racist for nearly everything is destroying their credibility and taking the focus off the real issues we all face.

Just like in this case with Bundy, by labeling him a racist they’ve effectively changed the conversation from land rights to whether or not what he said was racist, a common tactic often deployed. After trying to label Bundy as a domestic terrorist and failing, they needed to jump on to the next viable option they had, the race card, and you see the frenzy that resulted from that.

(Cliven Bundy On “The Negro”: They’re Better Off As Slaves)

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