KKK Shooter BUSTED Having Sex With Black Male Prostitute

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New information regarding the man accused of the most recent high profile shootings, Frazier Glenn Cross, has recently come to light. The irony is almost too much to handle as some dug-up reports revealed the former KKK member was actually busted in the back seat of a car while having sex with a black male prostitute.

Reportedly, then known as Frazier Glenn Miller, Cross was being surveilled by police after it was discovered that he had been mailing out “declaration[s] of war,” to anyone that the group’s interests do not align with. According to former Federal prosecutor at the time, Doug McCullough, any, “minorities, homosexuals and others,” received such a notice and prompted police to look into the racist branch.

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From there, they were soon to learn of a plot in which the KKK organization, the Carolina Knights, with whom Cross was the, “grand dragon,” was planning to kill an investigator that loved to expose extremist group hypocrisy.

Seeing how the police force was already keeping Cross under surveillance at the time, it wasn’t long before a stake out led to an arrest. Back in the 80’s, police arrested Cross for having sex with a black male prostitute in the back of his car.

According to McCullough, who is now a judge on the North Carolina Court of Appeals, “It’s pretty shocking because of his personal stances that he had taken and what he was now accused of engaging in.”


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McCullough went on to say, “The facts speak for themselves and people can draw their own conclusion about how incongruous something like that is.”

After being arrested, Cross then attempted to flee sparking a nationwide manhunt that ended with police locating him in Ozark, Mo. From there, he was offered a plea deal that entailed the snitching on his friends for just 5 years in prison with the promise of witness protection.

Of course, we all know what happened after that – he changed his name and he is back in the national spotlight after killing William Corporon and his grandson as well as “Terri LaManno at a nearby Jewish retirement complex.”

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Currently Cross sits behind bars unable to pay his $10 million bail for capital murder.

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