Man Impales Head On Steel Rod And Makes FULL Recovery [GRAPHIC PHOTOS]

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A Chinese man had a bad day at work when he fell face first on a steel rod and it impaled his head, however he’s now expected to make a full recovery since it completely missed his brain.

According to the DailyMail, 47-year-old Li Dehua is a construction worker who was on a site in Xi’an, which is in China’s western Shaanxi Province, when he fell out of a window that was 20 feet high and landed on the protruding steel rod, head first.

The rod went through his face via his lower left jaw then came out of the back of the left side of his head.

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Initially doctors didn’t expect him to survive the injuries but during surgery they discovered that the rod had completely missed his brain. After 18 days of treatment he is expected to make a full recovery.

He recalled the incident from his hospital bed, saying “It was one of those freak things whereby the rod must have missed the key bits of my brain.”

He said his face suffered a lot of damage and it still feels stiff, however the rod essentially “missed the important bits of the ‘computer’ above.”

At first he said he didn’t feel any pain, like his body had shut down or instantly went into shock.


“It was when they moved me that the pain first kicked in. It was terrible,” he said.

Once they put him under for surgery he said he didn’t feel a thing.

He was wearing a hard hat at the time but it failed to protect him because the rod went through his face from the underside of his head and they only provide protection from above.

His surgeon, Dr. Chung Hsieh, said that “The human brain is an amazing organ, it has the potential to absorb enormous damage and still survive.”

He’s a lucky man to be able to sustain that type of injury and live to tell about it, wouldn’t you say? Let us know with a comment!

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