Muslim ‘Morality Squads’ Steal Easter Eggs From Students

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The Brits seem to be finding themselves being taken over by Islamic fundamentalists recently, even though they’re constantly trying to find ways to be tolerant and accepting of the very people who refuse to be tolerant and accepting. The most recent reports to come out of there are about Muslim “Morality Squads” that were stealing children’s Easter eggs, which shouldn’t be surprising given the nation have caved to Muslims for some time now.

The “Morality Squads” were camped outside of a school in Birmingham, where another recent report has found that radical Muslims were taking over the schools and teaching the students Islamic fundamentals.

They would spot the students with the eggs and then confiscate them.

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One of the student’s mothers, who remained unnamed out of fear of repercussions, said that the older students were taking the eggs from the younger students while teachers looked on and did nothing.

The controversy over the takeover of the schools started when the Department of Education investigated and found that curriculums had been changed, girls weren’t being treated fairly and even made to sit in the back of classrooms, and sex education classes were completely removed along with any course that mentioned sexuality so that they were in line with traditional Muslim teaching.

It’s no secret that the Brits have been infiltrated and have been seeing what we call “creeping Sharia,” the question is whether or not they’re actually going to do anything about it. More than likely they won’t, however, since they seem to be worse than America with political correctness and their views on “tolerance.”

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