Liberal’s Newest Frontier: Banning Knives

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Liberal argument is in no short supply lately as the tools carried everyday by Americans are used during some form of criminal activity. It appears as though Liberals latest efforts may be directed at trying to ban knives.

Rallying around the Second Amendment, the National Rifle Association (NRA) has banded with several other organizations to define knives as being covered by the Constitution. According to argument, although “arms” are usually referred to as guns – or firearms – the NRA adamantly notes that knives also fall under the Bill of Rights’ protection.

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Seeing how attacks are constantly being made on the Second Amendment, and as most of the focus on the matter seems to be in the directions of firearms, certain organizations are taking up the slack in the defense of knives. A group called Knife Rights, is steadily becoming a well known organization that seeks to solidify law allowing regular citizens to carry knives everywhere they go.

Arguing that it is a Constitutional right to defend one’s life, or the lives of their family, the group’s director, Doug Ritter, expresses that a knife is the second line of defense for any protective person. According to Breitbart, “Laws protecting knife rights have already passed in a number of states, including Arizona, New Hampshire, Tennessee, and the NRA’s host state of Indiana.”


The primary praise to be given here for such legislation is Todd Rather – lobbyist of Knife Rights, the head of Rathner and Associates and NRA board member. Alongside Rather in the fight for knife rights is former NRA president, Sandy Froman, who has chosen Knife Rights to spear head the preemptive efforts to secure protective legislation.

Of course, these aren’t the only two to have expressed their support for the organization as NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre recently spoke out saying, “Knife Rights is the second front in the defense of the Second Amendment. They are the premier grassroots organization protecting our right to own knives.”

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Along with these, Arizona Rep. Matt Salmon addressed the passing of knife rights protecting legislation saying, “This legislation is long overdue. The Knife Owners’ Protection Act is a responsible and reasonable means of ensuring that knife owners throughout America can travel with assurance that their rights will be respected with equal respect for states with overly restrictive knife laws.”

As the all-around weaponry loving folk continue their track toward securing future knife rights, it seems that conversation is shifting as well. As knife rights are being established, Liberals are getting in on the talk as they realize that they’re a little late to the party.


Now of course, any tool that is used in a crime will ultimately be demonized, and eventually a ban will be attempted by the left in order to ensure a more, “tolerant” population. As however their gaze is mostly focused on guns at the time, Second Amendment believers are jumping on the issue as jokes are being made after knives have been used in crimes – ultimately the realization sets in that over time, an effort to ban knives will probably become a reality.

But how far will this be allowed to progress? Surely, an all-out ban on knives would never be a reality as they are a common utensil often used in the kitchen right?

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Who knows? As Breitbart further mentions, “This discussion raises additional angles few people—if any—regularly consider. How long can these knives be? Once they get long enough, they become swords. Do Americans have the right to walk down the street with a broadsword strapped around their waist like a medieval night? Or a katana like a Japanese samurai? Or a claymore like a Scottish highlander?”

So what do you guys think – is this a viable discussion or is it time Liberals just piped down? Let us know in the comment below.

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