Liberals Claim Allowance Is Sexist, ‘Pay Gap’ Favors Boys

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There’s been a recent non-controversy that stemmed from Obama’s White House regarding the “pay gap” between men and women across America, even though his own party and administration are the worst perpetrators of it. Now liberals have extended this myth into our homes and are claiming that children’s allowances are sexist, and tend to favor boys more than girls.

The claim started with ThinkProgress author Bryce Covert, who cited a Junior Achievement survey that found some 70% of boys receive an allowance and just short of 60% of girls do. Keep in mind, this wasn’t a scientific study, but merely a questionnaire that was passed around asking these questions.

He cited some other studies as well, including one that found in Europe that found fewer boys help out around the house than girls, and even claimed that boy’s allowances are higher on average.

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This myth was taken further when Slate columnist Amanda Marcotte elaborated on the ThinkProgress piece and said that “In our culture, and in much of Western Europe, there’s a tendency to treat boys as if they’re a little more adult than girls at the same age.”

It’s one thing for a couple of liberal bloggers to perpetuate a myth in order to further an agenda, but when it makes it to the national media we know there’s a problem. That’s exactly what happened too when Matt Lauer from NBC said on the Today show that “We all know about a pay gap that exists for adult men and women in the work world, but there are surprising new numbers this morning revealing that that gap actually begins during childhood with the allowances we pay our kids. In a new survey, 70% of boys say they get an allowance. That’s compared to just 60% of girls.”

His co-host, Natalie Morales, chimed in with him in expressing fake outrage over a non-existent problem, saying “It’s true. Even though another study finds that girls spend more time doing chores. So basically, girls are doing more for less. This sounds kind of familiar right?”

It never ceases to amaze me that the left creates issues then circles their wagons around them in order to push an agenda. Without a doubt, this will soon get twisted into only conservative households doing this so that they can use it to demonize republican candidates in the upcoming elections, wanna bet?

So that’s it parents, you’re all a bunch of sexist misogynists for not giving your children equal allowances. Does that work for you?

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