Veteran DESTROYS Anti-Gun Politicians

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As other states begin to greedily rub their hands together as the likes of New York and California continue their unconstitutional gun grabbing agendas, many Americans have had just about enough. As New Jersey is contemplating certain gun bans, Army veteran and Chaplain Nicholas Purpura completely destroyed those trying take away citizen’s guns.

Sick and tired of being treated as nothing more than the average criminal just because he owns a gun, Purpura’s conscience would not allow for him to sit idly by. Scheduling to speak out in front of a committee on Feb. 13, 2013, he let the oppressive panel have it.

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Instead of punishing those who need guns to defend themselves, and demonize them for simply owning a firearm, Purpura demands the politicians punish those actually guilty of wrongdoing. Instead of banning law-abiding citizens from owning certain types of firearms, the enraged veteran suggests putting harsher punishment on those that decided to use a gun illegally.


“Make a law if you use a gun in a crime there is no probation, they don’t plea bargain them out.”

Figuring this plea will go unanswered as legislators seem hell-bent on outright doing away with the specific hardware, Purpura holds those making the laws accountable.

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Suggesting that law makers aren’t helping save innocent lives, but actually endangering them further, he notes, “You are guilty for the blood of innocent people and the children… [it’s] on every one of your heads.”

So, what do you guys think – did Purpura hit the nail on the head with this one? Let us know in a comment below.

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