Dating People Of Your Own Race Is Racist, According To Liberals

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It seems like quite often we’re hearing the race card being played for anything from opposing the President’s political views to even pollution disproportionately affecting minorities and being called racist (yes that really happened), so it should come as no surprise that the latest “racist” action someone can take is only dating or marrying someone who is their own race.

A recent article on the rag site brought to light the newest accusation of racism when the author of the article pointed out something they saw on OKCupid. Apparently the dating website asks people different questions to allow them to get better matches for potential dates and one of them was if people would only date people within their own race.

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The author was shocked to see that the majority of people answered “yes” to the question and it sent them into a 1,000+ word rant about how it’s racist for people to not date people of other races. Not once in the article does the author mention that physical attraction plays into who people decide to date, because that would make sense.

“There are good reasons to question the moral appropriateness of strong same-race preferences and their close cousin, in-group favoritism,” the author argued. Quoting liberal author Nancy DiTomaso, they continued that along with not dating outside of their race, white people are inherently racist because they tend to help their family and friends.

“As long as whites tend to dominate prestigious occupations, and as long as they control access to valuable social resources like access to good schools, the fact that whites, like all people, will do more to help family, friends, and acquaintances than strangers will tend to entrench racial inequality.”

They claim that such assistance to people in their inner circles is “opportunity hoarding” and that it gives non-whites an unfair disadvantage compared to whites. Additionally, they tried to say that “all of us seek ‘unequal opportunity’ in our own lives by leveraging our intimate relationships to achieve our goals.”

What’s interesting about all of this is the push for interracial marriage in order to live in a “post-racial” society. So now we know what the ultimate ends are, using bullying tactics to achieve it would be par for the course, right?

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In the push for interracial marriages, they’re arguing that by blending everybody’s races together we wouldn’t have to worry about the stigmas that were attached to each race. It’s an ideological quest to end race-based identity and destroy the fabric of our nation by eliminating individualism.

Now with the claim that people who prefer to date and marry their own race are some sort of racists, they’ve found the leverage point with which they can force people to follow their agenda.

It’s important to point out that dating someone outside of your race is completely acceptable, however what’s not acceptable is accusing those who choose not to of being anything other than someone who’s attracted to certain features.

Quite simply put, ignoring that physical attraction plays a key role in how people choose their partners is expecting people to buck their instincts and human nature in order to accept your flawed ideological vomit.

But what else could we expect from our liberal counterparts? Everything with them is identity-based, whether it be a person’s sex, race, social status, etc, they love to identify people by physical attributes then call everyone else every name they can think of as a result. If they truly want a post-racial society then maybe they should stop injecting race into every aspect of our lives.

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