Parents Turn Their 4-Yr-Old Son Into A Girl

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As the Left seems adamant on cramming, “tolerance,” down our throats, it seems that some may be taking advantage of the slowly progressive movement. Hopping on the bandwagon is a set of parents who have effectively brainwashed their adopted son into a transgender mindset.

Keat (formerly Keaton) Rhodes, a 9-year-old boy from Ohio has “identified” himself as a girl since the very young age of just 4. The boy’s adoptive parents, Emily and Clint LeVan, claim that their child has already begun his gender transformation.


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The LeVan’s claim that Keat knew of his “issues” from just four years old when he and his brother, Blaine, came to live with their new family. According to Emily, “we noticed very early on that he was different to his brother. While Blaine preferred playing with trucks and cars, Keat liked dolls. At school he liked playing dress up with the princess dresses.”



Of course, they just brushed off the strange behavior saying , “At first we thought she was messing around. We thought it was a phase and we sort of laughed it off.” However, when he started referring to himself as a girl to school counselors as well as his parents, they became concerned and sought a mental diagnosis.

After being referred to a therapist, as well as a psychiatrist, by their family doctor they scheduled a few appointments. According to both doctors, they had diagnosed him with what they were calling, “gender identity disorder,” at just 7-years-old.



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Emily insists, “It seemed strange that a child so young would be so sure about something like this,” but both doctors were adamant that Keat’s mindset was, “unwavering, consistent and persistent.” Since that time, both Keat’s parents have been completely supportive of the diagnosis and have already begun Keat’s transformation.

Currently, Keat looks like a girl, but that’s about it. In just a few short months, Keat will go to see a endocrinologist who will discuss, and inject him with, testosterone blockers when he starts puberty. From there, Keat will be dosed with frequent hormones at just 15 that will allow him to develop breasts but will ultimately make him infertile.


And finally, at age 18, the boy will be ready for, and will probably go through with a full gender reassignment surgery. The family has since had to deal with much adversity from the community.

Even noting that a “hate” Facebook page has been started up in opposition of what the parents are doing to Keat, Emily shares that some are definitely louder than others. According to Emily, “People were saying it was child abuse,” and one father even went so far as to threaten to, “beat the boy back in to Keat.”


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Although the family doesn’t have much support from the community, they are remaining unwaveringly adamant on physically changing their once son. Emily concludes by sharing, “Thinking of what lies ahead, I do have my fears. I am worried she will be bullied and face prejudice. I also know there is a high suicide risk among transgender people. But I hope that with our love she will grow up to have a normal life. It just comes down to love and if you love your child then you should do anything in the world for them. It’s a simple and pure as that.”

So what do you guys think – is there any way a four year old would miraculously believe they relate to the opposite sex without some form of outside influence? Do you believe Keat’s parents have his best interest in mind? Let us know in a comment below.

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