Teachers Illegally Confiscating Student’s Bibles

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Christianity has always (and most likely forever will), stood in the face of adversity as many seek to shame the religion from existence. Being demonized by even the media these days, it seems that teachers are catching on and have taken to illegally confiscating the bibles of students.

Earlier this week, a set of parents, who wish to remain anonymous, expressed that teachers were willingly breaking the law by calling out their child based on the reading material she chose for, “read to myself.” As it turns out, their daughter had selected the Bible to read, but it apparently violated the unwritten “just right,” clause.

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In this, students are required to select a book that suits the child’s need according to reading level and even genre. All under the discretion of the supervising teacher, the second graders Bible was confiscated being deemed unworthy of independent reading time.

The parents soon recruited the help of a local conservative Christian advocacy group called the Liberty Institute by letting them in on the facts. Surprising to say, after a bit of digging, one of the attorneys representing the case, Michael Berry, noted that the school’s library actually holds a few copies of the demonized text.

Berry then hypothetically asked, “So if it’s appropriate for their own library, why on earth would it not be appropriate for their own students?”

The recent and unwarranted acts seem to have split the community as many are siding with the school. Despite the only laws about Christianity in school are that teachers aren’t permitted to use their teaching capabilities and capacity in order to inflict their beliefs on students, many still seem adamant that, “there should be a definite separation,” as explained by one parent.

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Another parent however shared the absurdity in it all by noting, “They are letting them read the Hunger Games. That’s kids killing kids. Why can’t she read the Bible?”

As common sense would dictate leaving children alone rather than potentially sparking a Constitutional suit, it seems that the public brainwashing of Christianity being nothing more than an invasive and offensive mindset, that schools are shutting down anything religious-like (at least pertaining to Christianity) on principle.

Another student over in Missouri was recently chastised in front of her fellow students for merely carrying a bible throughout the school halls. The student reportedly was talking to one of her friends about the religion when the teacher caught wind and sited in.

Publicly shaming the girl, needless to say, her mother was a bit upset. The mother, Angela English, has since organized a protest in defiance of the school’s illegal confrontation by urging Christian students to bring their bibles to school.

Explaining what she wanted, English share, “We’ve asked the children to bring the Bibles and carry it, not preach and shove religion in their face but to show they have the right to carry the Bible.”

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Take both of these instances in consideration with the recent suit to have the words, “under God,” removed from the Pledge of Allegiance, and the picture becomes quite clear. An all-out assault on the Left to demonize Christianity in an effort to portray themselves in a superior light of “tolerance.”

What do you guys think – is it right to take away Bibles from students? Let us know in a comment below.

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