Marine’s Testimony About Inevitable Martial Law

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We’ve been watching as our police departments and federal agencies have been built up to resemble our military fighting overseas. From armored vehicles to fully automatic machine guns, our domestic forces would rival most militaries around the world, and that’s exactly what this Marine was describing.

The unidentified Colonel said that he was the administrative defense coordinator, and said that his job was to train and equip the Iraqi army after the war wound down. He explains that our domestic forces, those that will only ever be used on the American people, would have no problem defeating the Iraqi army.

He explains that it’s unconstitutional for our military to be used here and that’s why the Department of Homeland Security and other forces are being built up so much. Then he draws the comparison in the equipment between our actual military and the DHS.

(VIDEO: Martial Law: Militarized SWAT Teams Force People From Their Homes)

His entire testimony is based around the government amassing a domestic army to be used on the American people. While he doesn’t specifically say when or where it’s going to start, what he does say is enough to convince people that martial law is coming.

We’ve seen it all around us, police forces getting armored vehicles and in some cases tanks, heavily armed SWAT units busting in doors without warrants, and even an entire city shut down and taken over by the feds in what was basically martial law all for two men, one of which was wounded.

Nobody knows exactly what’s to come, but one thing is for certain and it’s that the government has been preparing for some sort of massive military action in America. The evidence is all around us to see, we just have to open our eyes and look for it.

(Obama Using EPA To Create Civil Uprising, Declare Martial Law)

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