Black Student Beats White – No Hate Crime

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In yet another story you probably won’t be hearing from the mainstream media, a white boy was recently targeted and savagely beaten by a fellow black student. Despite the attack being pre-meditated, the assailant isn’t being charged for the attack, nor has it been ruled a hate crime.

Now, of course, if the roles were reversed, we’d have the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson putting in their two cents, but as this doesn’t successfully progress the agenda of the Left, it has been more or less swept under the rug.

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The fight was apparently over a pair of missing sneakers in which the black student approached the white student, David Egan. As Egan’s father, Daniel, explains, his son was just doing what he had been taught – resolve tenuous situations through effective communication.

As David attempted to talk to the boy about his missing footwear, he was suddenly sucker-punched in the face where David says he blacked out. During this time, David was holding his face in pain and turned his back to his assailant – apparently the wrong move when facing a coward.

The black boy then slammed David into the lockers where he hit, face first and reportedly chipped a tooth. From there the merciless assailant gave David one last swing, nailing him in the face and sending him to the ground.


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During one of the blows, the black student actually managed to collapse David’s cheekbone and break his nose. According to Daniel, his son was hit, “very hard at the top of his nose, which means he actually broke where the nose connects to the skull.”

Video footage of the event has been circulating the web and portrays the general understanding that the assault was pre-meditated. As the cameras were on well before the first blow was dealt, and other black students were heard hooting and hollering during the attack, it most definitely seems that this beating was the specific targeting of a white student by blacks.

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect in all this, is that no one tried to aid the suffering victim. Just standing back so not to get involved, many other students are seen paralyzed in fear of what they bore witness to.


David was then taken to a nearby hospital where he underwent reconstructive surgery on his cheekbone and nose. The assailant has since been merely charged with battery and will not be charged as an adult.

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The actions of the school – claiming that this was adequate punishment for such a violent act – have prompted the Egan’s to explain that David will not be returning to his, now former, school.

What do you guys think – racist hate crime or schoolyard scuffle? Let us know in the comments below.

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