Republican’s Brilliant Response To Dem Opponent’s Insult

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Democrats love to attack Republicans in any and all ways possible, however shameless they may be. Democrat Senator Mark Pryor hit an all time low when he insulted his Republican opponent, Tom Cotton, for having served in the military. Pryor brainlessly claimed that Cotton’s military service gave him a sense of “entitlement”.


While Pryor was clearly grasping at straws for a way to bash his upstanding counterpart, it is absurd to label a veteran “entitled”. Pryor has never done anything as brave as enlisting in the military to defend his country. The thought of getting deployed probably makes him wet his pants.


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Instead of stooping to Pryor’s deplorably low level and partaking in any of the mud-slinging himself, Cotton instead fired back with a new campaign ad that makes Pryor look like the idiot he is. The ad, titled “At Ease”, shows the reality of who a soldier is, contrary to the impression liberals would like to shove down your throat.


The ad features Cotton’s one-time drill sergeant, Sgt. Norton, who he met in basic training. Cotton says in the ad:

“Drill Sergeant Norton taught me how to be a soldier; accountability, humility and putting the unit before yourself. That training stuck.”


That’s the mentality we need in Washington. After all, the government was intended to serve the people, not the other way around.

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We’ll see if Pryor can bounce back from this one, but it’s not likely. Cotton’s classy move has put him lightyears ahead in the race. Our money is on him. If nothing else, the positive publicity he has received lately as a result of Pryor’s demeaning comment has done wonders for his campaign. Any candidate would benefit from a sudden thrust into the spotlight before the election – and all for being a good guy.


It would appear as though Cotton has no sense of entitlement whatsoever. On the contrary, he comes off as humble, respectful and drawn to servitude. Do you agree? Let us know in the comments section!

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