Vet Saves Woman’s Life En Route To Be Honored For His Service

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You can always count on a veteran to do the right thing and help someone in need, but Sgt. James Yates went above and beyond when he saved a woman’s life. Did we mention he was en route to an awards ceremony to be recognized for his service overseas? This man is an everyday hero. The real kind of hero – not the kind that makes millions of dollars a year wearing a jersey.


Yates was on his was to a sporting event where he was to be honored, when he stopped by his girlfriend’s house to pick her up. Just then, a frantic child came calling that their mother needed help right away. Courtney Pearson’s vehicle had collapsed on top of her when a jack gave out. She had been attempting to fix a leak and the jack had never given her any problems in the past, so there was no way to anticipate what could have been a devastating tragedy.


Without a moment’s hesitation, Yates rushed to her aid.

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Yates had already done his fair share of selfless service, completing tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan. He earned a purple heart for his bravery and still suffers from the effects of battle. When an IED blew up his tank, he was thrown into the air, causing permanent damage to his spine. Now he lives day to day with the help of pain medication.


The Army Reservist was able to free Pearson by jacking up the car just enough for the grateful woman to wiggle free. He then called an ambulance.

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Thanks to the brave soldier, Courtney is now doing just fine. She suffered deep bruising to her back and chest after being trapped underneath the crushing weight of her SUV, but she is alive and expected to make a full recovery. She says of the war hero who saved her life:

“He’s an amazing person and I just wish I could thank him.”

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